Rules – Soccer baseball

Game Time/Default:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can start your games on time. Games are 7 innings in length with a time limit of 1 hour. A default will occur if any team cannot field a squad by 15 minutes after the official start time.
  • Games that are forced to be cut short due to time or dangerous playing conditions (ie. weather) will end with the final score being the score at the end of the previous completed inning.
  • No new inning can start with 5 minutes left before the formal end time.
  • During playoffs, if the game is tied after the completion of 7 innings, or the expired time, teams will utilize the following format. The team that is up to bat will start the inning by placing their ‘last out’ from the previous inning on 2nd base, with 2 outs. Once 3 outs have been reached, the other team will then place their most recent ‘last out’ from a previous inning on 2nd base (also with 2 outs) and proceed to bat until 3 outs is reached. Teams will take turns doing this until the score is settled upon the completion of a full inning.
  • Teams are comprised of nine (9) players with a minimum of three (3) of each gender. A team can play with a minimum of 7 people, as long as there are two (2) of each gender.

General Rules:

  1. A coin toss should determine the home team
  2. Each inning is played with 3 outs or when a team scores a maximum of five (5) runs. EXCEPTION: A team has no run limit in the final inning of the game.
  3. The pitcher cannot bounce the ball into home plate; it has to be rolled along the ground. Pitches that bounce one (1) foot above the ground will be a ball.
  4. There is no bunting, if the kicker takes a full kick, and it does not pass the pitcher, then it is a fair kick. But intentional bunting is not allowed.
  5. The team at bat provides their own pitcher. The pitcher can pitch from wherever they chose. If a hit ball touches the pitcher, the ball is declared dead and the pitch is redone. Base runners return to their previous bases and the pitch count is restored. (Pitchers should do their best to avoid making contact with a hit ball).
  6. Every batter can receive a maximum of three (3) pitches. All foul balls, wild pitches, strikes and balls count as one of the three pitches. The only exception is a ball that hits the pitcher (see rule 5)
  7. The batting order is two (2) men followed by one (1) woman – but teams that have more women than men can alter this format. The male order and female order must always stay the same, although the order when mixed may change depending on the male/female ratio. A team must use their full roster for kicking (i.e. players cannot only play defense), and all players must bat before a player of the same gender can kick for the second time (this may change the male/female order). If a team only has two women present, the batting order will be 2 men, woman A, 2 men, woman B, 2 men, woman A etc. The spot where woman C should have been will NOT be an automatic out. The kicking order should remain intact from inning to inning. Any players arriving after their team has batted in the first inning, will be inserted into the bottom of the gender batting order. The first player to bat in an inning is the person following the player who recorded the last at bat from the previous inning.
  8. Mercy rule: If a team is up by 15 runs or more after any inning of play, the losing team has the option of calling the game or choosing to continue.
  9. There are no lead-offs for base runners or stealing bases; you must wait until contact with the ball is made. Please respect this rule.
  10. Runners can be tagged out; also the ball can be thrown at them. If it hits them above the shoulders, the runner is considered safe, and will be awarded one additional base in addition to the one which they were running to (ie. If a runner was hit in the head running to 2nd base, they would be granted third base).
  11. When the ball hits the runner, the runner is out, but the play is continued.
  12. No blocking runners between bases.
  13. Please note soccer-baseball foul balls include the following circumstance: If the ball is kicked and lands outside the foul zone, and someone tries to catch it but drops it, it is considered a foul ball.
  14. Players are considered out by the following (i) Striking out (ii) A fly ball caught by the defense (iii) A foul out (vi)The runner being tagged by the ball (iv) A runner being hit by a thrown ball below the shoulder.
  15. No metal cleats are allowed.
  16. Players in the field are not allowed to stand inside the baselines before a player attempts to hit a ball ie. Shortstop can’t come up and stand beside pitcher before batter has attempted their kick.

Ground Rules: Captains should decide prior to the start of the game if they are going to play any ground rules with regards to boundaries. Please make sure that both teams are aware of these rules.