Rules – Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Rules


Game Time/Default: 

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that your games start on time.
  • Volleyball matches are 1 hour each week, and best of 3 games (or first to 2 games) to 25 points. If a match concludes early, the teams can continue to play, but the score of additional games will not be recorded.
  • Please agree on one person to act as timekeeper.
  • Teams are comprised of six (6) players with a minimum of two (2) women and two (2) men on the court.
  • A default for the first game of a match will occur if any team cannot field a squad 10 minutes after the official start time (a team that is not ready to play defaults the first set of the match, but can play the second and third games of the match if enough players show up).
  • A team can play with a minimum of 5 people, as long as two (2) players are women and two (2) players are men.

General Rules:

  • Rally point scoring WILL be used during league play.
  • A player may NOT block or spike a serve.
  • Players CAN open-hand volley a serve.
  • A server may serve the ball from anywhere along the baseline. The serve will rotate from one team to the next at the start of each game.
  • Screening is not allowed on a serve
  • A player may play the ball off any part of his/her body, including feet.
  • A player may not touch the net during any part of the play. Please call your own net violations.
  • Rotate new players in before your team starts a new server.
  • A player may pass under the net as long as it does not interfere with the play. In other words, a blocker or hitter may land under the net/cross the line, as long as it happens without stopping the play or hindering the opposition. Please avoid doing this where possible to eliminate the possibility of injury.
  • If time runs out in the middle of a game, whoever is winning the game at that moment is considered the winner.
  • A team must win at least 5 points in a set in order for it to count as a win/loss. If neither teams gets at least 5 points, the set is deemed a tie.
  • If 10 minutes have elapsed after the official start of the game and not enough players are present to field a team, the first game of the match is defaulted. At 20 minutes after the start of the official start time, the second game is defaulted, and at 30 minutes after the official start time, the third game is defaulted. Each defaulted game results in the loss of one (1) in the overall standings.
  • If one player serves 5 in a row, the ball will go to the other team instead of serving a 6th
  • Net serves ARE allowed. This means that if a serve hits the net but the motion of the ball carries it over the net, it is a live ball – it is not a service fault.
  • Players in the back row are NOT allowed to hit or block at the net. Although there is no 3-metre line indicated on the court, players should use their best judgment to hit from the backcourt area if they are in this position.
  • Teams may call a one (1) minute time-out per match if needed.
  • Games are played rain or shine unless indicated by email/facebook by a CSSC rep.
  • For players to be eligible for playoffs, they must have attended a min. of 2 regular season games.


  • All games are self-refereed.
  • Any disputes will be discussed amongst the two team captains.
  • Please play honestly and call your own infractions (life, net, etc).
  • If a dispute cannot be settled the point should be re-served.